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General Questions and Answers

Question:  When can one use Envirobent for dam sealing? Answer:    Envirobent for dam sealing is used in the construction of a new earth dam is built or in the repair of an existing empty earth dam.   Question:  What clays

General Questions and Answers

Question:  Which product can be used for inland exploration drilling? Answer:    Envirobent drill/civils because of the high viscosity characteristics that it has. This characteristic is very important in drilling mud.   Question:  What is calcined kaolin and does G &

General Questions and Answers

Did you know that G&W Bentonite MD and Pelbond are all sodium activated bentonites. Calcium Bentonite 100# and Calcium Bentonite 300# are not sodium activated. G&W Coaldust HVC-B3 and G&W Anthracite are coal products produced by G&W Mineral Resources. Both

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