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G & W Mineral Resources is part of the Zimco group of companies in South Africa, itself a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ecobat Technologies group in the USA.

Eco-Bat Technologies is the largest producer of recycled lead in Europe. The group owns 18 lead facilities in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Italy, Austria and South Africa.

G & W Mineral Resources Quality Control laboratory strictly controls the quality of products to ensure compliance with customer requirements at all times. The QC lab utilizes a Particle Size Distribution instrument, an XRF and a Colourflex instrument in order to enhance the information on all products.


“Total Commitment to SHEQ”


Being an extremely successful company with an exceptional strong brand of core products from our mines.


Surpassing all expectations regarding safety, compliance and on time delivery (OTD) and budget.

certSHEQ & Certification

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matsopaOperations and Mining

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