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Prevent water seepage from earth dams

Water scarcity is a reality for all South Africans. The agricultural sector in particular is vulnerable to water risks as periods of drought become longer and more frequent. Farmers need to improve the management of available water and get the

Envirobent Agri

Envirobent Agri: Reap All the Benefits of a Versatile Product. As a kaolinitic product, the specific properties of Envirobent Agri are particularly effective and beneficial across a wide variety of agricultural applications. These benefits include low moisture and oil absorption,

Envirobent for Drilling & Civil

Envirobent Drilling/Civil: Many Positive Benefits to Explore. With a high montmorillonite content, Envirobent Drilling/Civil is a high-yield, rapid gelling product. This makes it ideal for applications in civil engineering, exploration drilling and water purification. In practice, it has low grit

Envirobent for Oil Spills

How to clean up oil spills instantly on concrete floors with a clean conscience. Envirobent Oil Spills is a natural product with high absorption and adsorption capabilities for a variety of materials, making it an extremely effective agent for cleaning

Envirobent for Wine / Juice Clarification

Clearly, another fine product from G&W Mineral Resources. Specifically developed for the fermentation and fining of wine and fruit juices, this Envirobent product is in essence montmorillonite – a natural clay named from Montmorillon in France. An environmentally friendly product

Envirobent for X-Ray Rooms

Envirobent X-Ray Rooms: Prescribed for Effective Treatment. This Envirobent product is a plaster ingredient specially formulated as a contrast medium to be impervious to x-rays. A thickness of 10 to 30mm is recommended for optimum effectiveness in general diagnostic X-Ray

Envirobent AB50 for Slime Dam & Landfill Sealing & Capping

Envirobent AB50 for Landfill Capping: Better Safe Than Sorry Envirobent AB50 for Landfill Capping / Sealing & Linings is a clay mineral mixture with specific colloidal and sorptive features that make it ideal for landfill management as well as slimes

Dam Sealing with Envirobent®: The Mixed Blanket Method

Is the precious water in your current earth dam slowly seeping away, or leaking rapidly? Are you concerned about possible ground water contamination? Perhaps you are planning to build a new dam and want to ensure that it remains strong and securely sealed. Whatever challenge you face, Envirobent® dam sealing products are the long-lasting, environment-friendly and cost-effective solutions.

Envirobent AB50 for dam sealing

Sealing and capping with Envirobent™ is an extremely cost efficient and effective method of preventing seepage loss and ground water contamination.

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