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General Questions and Answers

General Questions and Answers

Question:  When can one use Envirobent for dam sealing?

Answer:    Envirobent for dam sealing is used in the construction of a new earth dam is built or in the repair of an existing empty earth dam.


Question:  What clays can one use to make terracotta coloured clay?

Answer:    Kingston clay and Terradura clay.


Question:  Does G & W Mineral Resources supply bentonite that can be used in the absorption of oil?

Answer:    No, G & W Mineral Resources does not supply such a bentonite. This type of bentonite is an acid activated bentonite.


Question:  What is builders lime putty? Can one get it from G & W Mineral Resources?

Answer:    Builders lime putty is calcium oxide. This is burnt limestone. G & W Mineral Resources does not supply this product.


Question:  What type of bentonite is used in Coaldust HVC-B3?

Answer:    The bentonite used in Coaldust HVC-B3 is called Pelbond. It is a sodium activated bentonite.

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