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Civil Engineering & Construction

Bentonite HV and attapulgite are products that are used in exploration borehole drilling, while G&W Mineral Resources also supply products such as Envirobent products that are used for new earth dam sealing and X-ray Room protection, etc. Attapulgite and Bentonite are also used in water purification.
G&W Mineral Resources is a major supplier of limestone putty to the construction industry.


Envirobent AB50 for Dam Sealing

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Envirobent-for-dam seal

Envirobent for Dam Sealing

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Envirobent for Drilling and Civils

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envirobent for x-ray-rooms

Envirobent for X-Ray Rooms

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G&W Attapulgite

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G&W Bentonite HV

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G&W Limestone

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certSHEQ & Certification

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matsopaOperations and Mining

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