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General Questions and Answers

General Questions and Answers

Question:  Which product can be used for inland exploration drilling?

Answer:    Envirobent drill/civils because of the high viscosity characteristics that it has. This characteristic is very important in drilling mud.


Question:  What is calcined kaolin and does G & W Mineral Resources supply the product?

Answer:    Calcined kaolin is raw kaolin that has been fired high enough to remove crystal water. A rotary calcining kiln is used for this process.

G & W Mineral Resources does not supply calcined kaolin.


Question:  Which product is used for earth dam sealing?

Answer:    Envirobent for dam sealing.


Question:  What is the difference between limestone and lime?

Answer:    Limestone is a rock that is composed mainly of calcium carbonate or dolomite.

Lime is a calcium containing organic mineral composed primarily of oxides and hydroxide, usually calcium oxide and or calcium hydroxide. This is produced by calcining limestone to remove carbon dioxide.


Question:  Does G & W Mineral Resources supply calcium sulphate?

Answer:    Calcium sulphate is gypsum. G & W Mineral Resources does not supply calcium sulphate.

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