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Envirobent Products

enviromentally friendly

The Envirobent brand consists of high quality, 100% natural environment-friendly products used in the industrial, commercial, construction, water purification and agricultural markets in Southern and sub-Saharan Africa.

Industrial users comprise factories and foundries, civil engineering and construction firms, and petroleum companies, while retail users include farmers, automotive workshops, and trucking and logistics companies.

Specialized applications include oil spill clean-ups on floors, earth dam sealing, X-ray rooms, water purification, exploration drilling, and use in agricultural products such as juice clarification.


Envirobent AB50 for Dam Sealing

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Envirobent Agri

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Envirobent-for-dam seal

Envirobent for Dam Sealing

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Envirobent for Drilling and Civils

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Envirobent for Oil Spills

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Envirobent for wine / juice clarification

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envirobent for x-ray-rooms

Envirobent for X-Ray Rooms

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certSHEQ & Certification

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matsopaOperations and Mining

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