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General Questions and Answers

General Questions and Answers

Did you know that G&W Bentonite MD and Pelbond are all sodium activated bentonites.

Calcium Bentonite 100# and Calcium Bentonite 300# are not sodium activated.

G&W Coaldust HVC-B3 and G&W Anthracite are coal products produced by G&W Mineral Resources. Both products contain bentonite which is used as a fire retardant to meet international safety standards.

The difference between G&W Kaolin G1, Kaolin G3 and Kaolin G10 is their colour and purity. Kaolin G1 is whiter and purer that Kaolin G3 and Kaolin G10.

The difference between Casting Slip No. 5 and Terradura is their colour. Casting Slip No. 5 is whiter than Terradura. Terradura contains grog in its formulation which increases the strength of the clay.

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that contains information on the potential hazards of the product and how to work safely with the product.

A Technical Data Sheet is a document that contains information on the specifications of the product.

Question:  Which product can be used for inland exploration drilling?

Answer:    Envirobent drill/civils because of the high viscosity characteristics that it has. This characteristic is very important in drilling mud.

Question:  In which industry is G&W Coaldust HVC-B3 used and what is its purpose?

Answer:    The G&W Coaldust HVC-B3 is used in foundries for green sand moulds. The purpose of the coaldust is to create a layer between the hot molten metal and the green sand.

Question:  Does G&W Mineral Resources provide clays that self set?

Answer:    No, it does not. All G&W Mineral Resources’ clays used in pottery have to be fired.

Question:  Which product is used for earth dam sealing?

Answer:    Envirobent for dam sealing.

Question:  Which bentonite would one use in foundries?

Answer:    Bentonite MD for binding purposes in the green sand process.

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