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Sericil GS

sericil-gsProduct Description

Sericil GS is a versatile product range characterised by the natural combination of lamellar and granular minerals. Sericil GS has many of the physical properties of talc and may be used as a substitute in certain applications. The complex mineralogy of Sericil GS provides benefits such as low oil absorption, near-neutral pH, relative chemical inertness, abrasion resistance and reinforcing capability when used as a functional filler, extender or carrier.


  • Complex mineralogy
  • Lamellar and granular minerals
  • Lamellar components
  • Low oil absorption
  • Low iron, high alkali content


  • Versatile
  • Reinforcing capability, abrasion resistance
  • Lubricating characteristics
  • Low oil / resin demand
  • White fired colour, reduced alkali additions
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