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G&W Bentonite MD


Product Description

Bentonite MD – Foundry Grade is developed exclusively for use in foundries. Bentonite MD Foundry Grade is an activated Sodium Bentonite which finds application in all types of greensand moulding systems. Bentonite MD – Foundry Grade is characterised by faster bond development, higher wet tensile and green compression strengths than other South African bentonites presently available. Careful mining at our unique Koppies deposit ensures mineralogical purity and consistently high cation exchange capacity, of direct benefit to foundry processes.


  • High purity
  • Rapid bond development (>90% within 3 min)
  • High wet tensile strength (>0.3 KN/m2 within 3 min)
  • High green compression strength
  • Moderate dry strength
  • High durability


  • High base exchange
  • Reduced mulling times
  • Good mould strength
  • Good lifts
  • Easy shakeout
  • Low clay requirement
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