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Dam Sealing with Envirobent®: The Mixed Blanket Method

Is the precious water in your current earth dam slowly seeping away, or leaking rapidly? Are you concerned about possible ground water contamination? Perhaps you are planning to build a new dam and want to ensure that it remains strong and securely sealed. Whatever challenge you face, Envirobent® dam sealing products are the long-lasting, environment-friendly and cost-effective solutions.

Barytes Pink & White

The term baryte is derived from the Greek word “baros” meaning heavy. Barytes is a naturally occurring mineral consisting primarily of barium sulphate. The primary properties of barytes are its high specific gravity and low oil absorption. As an extremely

Envirobent AB50 for dam sealing

Sealing and capping with Envirobent™ is an extremely cost efficient and effective method of preventing seepage loss and ground water contamination.

Envirobent for Dam Sealing

Envirobent-for-dam seal

Water, the gold of tomorrow! Prevent your most valuable resource from seeping away through leakage.