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Barytes Pink & White

Barytes Pink & White

The term baryte is derived from the Greek word “baros” meaning heavy. Barytes is a naturally occurring mineral consisting primarily of barium sulphate. The primary properties of barytes are its high specific gravity and low oil absorption. As an extremely inert material, it is not affected by strong chemicals and has very low solubility.

Barytes has a wide range of applications, and is used in:

  1. Plastic manufacturing to improve friction, wear resistance and in sound insulation.
  2. Polyurethane foam to improve resilience.
  3. Brake pads for its friction properties.
  4. Oil and gas exploration drilling fluids as a weighting agent.
  5. Paint manufacturing as a filler.

G&W Mineral Resources currently supplies Barytes Pink 300# and Barytes White 325#.

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